How Shaking Things Up Can Inspire Your Company

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How Shaking Things Up Can Inspire Your Company

While you certainly want your organization to run like clockwork when it comes to processes and operations, you don’t necessarily want your employees to function in the same way. When people do the same thing in the same environment day after day, year after year, it’s not uncommon for a level of boredom or even dissatisfaction to set in. Inspire your company by shaking things up in a positive, productive way. Here’s how.

Good, Productive Ways to Shake Things Up

You can use a combination of tactics to shake things up, based on what feels most natural for you and your company.

Work Hand-in-Hand with Employees

Working hand-in-hand with your employees means encouraging and listening to their ideas, holding regular group meetings and brainstorming sessions, and providing constructive criticism that helps them improve and grow. It also means getting out from behind your desk and onto the floor where you can participate with workers in action.

Add Dashes of Excitement to the Daily Routine

Random dashes of excitement are another way to shake up the daily grind. Think of ways you can disrupt workers’ routines while bringing smiles their faces. Get creative with ideas. Maybe take employees to lunch, or bowling after work. Bring in a giant submarine sandwich for snacking on an extra-tough workday.

Revamp the Workspace

Colorful new paint, new ergonomic workstations, new chairs, an employee relaxation room — all of these positive changes to the workplace can likewise result in positive changes in attitude. Redo the entire work and break areas to make them more inviting and inspiring to employees. Comfy couches can work wonders.

Launch friendly competitions with awards 

Make it a weekly habit to organize competitions that increase productivity and morale while boosting the fun factor at work. Competitions can be based on new skills or regulations employees are learning, with awards ranging from half-days off with pay to gift cards to their favorite shops or lunch spots.

Provide various opportunities for growth

A surefire way to add ongoing inspiration to the office is to provide ongoing opportunities for growth. Offer courses or certifications for new skills so employees can take on a wider range of responsibilities. If feasible, you can also offer opportunities for employees to move laterally within the company, giving them a chance to take on new and different assignments and routines.

Potential Short-Term and Long-Term Results

Shaking things up within your company can bring on a host of both short-term and long-term results. Immediate results can include a marked increase in employee engagement and enthusiasm, breathing new life into what used to be a ho-hum workplace. Workers may become eager to complete their work, rather than rolling their eyes when you dole out new assignments.

Longer-term results can be even more significant. The renewed vigor in the workplace can result in higher productivity, enhanced communication and relations, and people working at their highest potential. It can also lead to happier employees, more satisfied customers, and an overall boost in your bottom line.


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